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Member Count: 9530

From: Jullieanne Matheson & Eva Browne-Paterson

Dear Friend,

Would you like to get more from your advertising for an affordable price?  Are you tired of sitting around deleting hundreds of emails every day?  Are you aware that safelists work incredibly well, but agree that they can be time-consuming?

Here's a refreshing change for you...

...Because you've just come across, (we know you've heard this before - but it's TRUE), a totally unique Safelist!

While most safelists fill up your mailbox with email, MyFreeSafeList keeps your ads and other member's ads on the web site!

In order for members to post an ad, they must have credits. To get these credits, members must log into the members area and view your ad. Deleted or unread ads are no longer an issue!

Established in 2007, MyFreeSafelist is part of the Ezines-R-Us group, and is owned and operated by Eva Browne-Paterson & Jullieanne Matheson. They have more than 20 years of marketing experience between them collectively, and strive to continually improve the safelist script to provide more value for members.



I'm Glad To Promote & Make Money!

There's nothing like free advertising and MyFreeSafeList is smokin' hot! There's already over 3000 members to see your ad and growing daily. Your ads will ALWAYS be read because that's how members get ad credits, by reading YOUR ADS. Just that one feature saves you tons of time by not having to delete and delete emails.

You can advertise for free in full html too! And get this, even though it's free, if you upgrade to Pro, you can post UNLIMITED ads EVERY single day. You can also promote the site and get paid up to 100% commissions for telling people about it. I'm pretty surprised in the conversion rate to pro.

This is the best and most responsive safelist I have used this year. I track my ads and have received signups and leads by using MyFreeSafelist.

I'm glad to refer and make money!

Daniel Duverge

Free Advertising That Works!

MyFreeSafeList is a New super-responsive advertising system. I couldn't believe how much traffic I was getting from so few members! It is great to see a breath of fresh air in the world of safelist advertising. Jules & Eva have truly hit upon a magical formula which is relegating all other safelists to the scrap heap!

Join Today, you will be grinning from ear to ear!
Spiros Lambrinidis

Hi Jullieanne,

MyFreeSafeList is absolutely brilliant! I advertised it just slightly for just a few days and I have gotten amazing conversion rates. I have made well over $100 in commissions.  Another thing that is amazing is that the commissions were INSTANT! As soon as I made a sale I got 100% commission right straight to my Paypal!

If you have not upgraded to PRO yet I recommend you do! The 100% instant commissions are incredible and you also get to post unlimited ads everyday!

Brent Bertsch

Hi Eva & Jules, 
MyFreeSafeList Rocks!! I have never seen a site that is soooo easy to navigate and the response from fellow members is awesome. 

I will be promoting MyFreeSafeList in all my future advertising.  Getting 100% commissions for sign ups is like a extra paycheck to me. Thank You Very Much!!! 
Sally Herron 


First let me say NICE SITE!!  I have only been a member for a few short weeks.  I won third prize in your referral contest and was able to post a solo ad.  Well, that one solo ad bagged me over $100.00!  You've got a great program here.  I've also gotten many sign-ups on my site from your program.  Great Job!!
David N.

Hi Jules & Eva,

You've done it again! MyFreeSafeList is an outstanding advertising Safelist/ad exchange that offers its members significant features to ensure their ads are read. The site is easy to navigate and the payouts are awesome. Can't wait to see what you have for us in the future.

Fannie Butler

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So, what else makes MyFreeSafeList so unique and effective?

Earn points for reading other member ads on MyFreeSafeList, clicking 20 second-timed links in solo ads and also by playing our scratchcard game.

You do NOT get credits deducted from your account unless MEMBERS READ YOUR AD!

Earn lots of points and commissions
for referring new members!

Affordable solo ads, extra points and effective banner ads.

Full stats available for your purchased advertising.

Post your ads in text or html.

Promo tools to help you earn more money and ad credits while promoting on other websites!

Ad Retrieval -When members view your ad, they have the option to send it to their mailbox so they can refer back to it later if they are interested. Increased exposure for you!

Banner ads are on every page of MyFreeSafeList so you get the most out of your advertising!

Solo Ads that work! Members will be looking forward to getting YOUR Solo Ads because they can earn Lots Of Credits for reading them!

Earn FREE Solo Ads!

Pro members receive over $1,100 in bonuses

Pro members receive 1 free banner ad with 5,000 impressions!

POWER Pro & Pro members can post unlimited ads EVERY DAY & save them for easy retrieval!

Pro members Earn 100% Commissions

Current Special Price To Go Pro --> Only $12 paid once for a lifetime membership!

Remember... Free AND Pro members can earn more commissions and post more often than MOST other safelists!

We know you are ready to get started posting Ads MORE Often and Getting Paid BIGGER Commissions.


You've got nothing to lose so Join today!


POWER Pro Membership

Power Pro members automatically receive 2 solos & 5 banners added to their account every week!
Total Value = $424/mth!

POWER Pro members can post EVERY DAY w/UNLIMITED online ads per day, save up to 5 online ads and post automatically every 24 hours! Plus, you can save up to 25 solo ads for easy, time-saving retrieval.

15000 points on joining

50 points for every ad read

50 points for every banner click

333 points for every solo ad click

200 points for every referral

$12 for every Pro referral

$8.50/mth for every POWER Pro referral!

Price: $12 Monthly

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Pro Membership

Pro members get 1 free banner with 5,000 impressions!

Pro members can post EVERY DAY w/UNLIMITED online ads per day, save up to 5 online ads and post automatically every 24 hours! Plus, you can save up to 25 solo ads for easy, time-saving retrieval!

10000 points on joining

10 points for every ad read

10 points for every banner click

222 points for every solo ad click

100 points for every referral

$12 for every paid referral

$8.50/mth for every POWER Pro referral!

Price: $12 Lifetime

Sign Up Free, Then Upgrade Inside!
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Free Membership

5000 points on joining

2 points for every ad read

points for every banner click

111 points for every solo ad click

50 points for every referral

Post once every 1 day(s)

$6 for every paid referral

$7/mth for every POWER Pro referral!

Price: FREE

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Member Count:9530

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To Your Success,

Eva Browne-Paterson & Jullieanne Matheson

P.S.  Remember that as a Pro member you will be able to post UNLIMITED ADS EVERY SINGLE DAY!

P.P.S.  Also, don't forget that even free members can earn commissions!


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